3 Things That Could Ruin Your Septic System

There are a lot of intricate parts that make your home function properly, including the septic system. This system is designed to pull the waste water from your home and out into the drain field. It is made up of a lot of intricate lines that help move everything along. Oftentimes, people don't realize how simple it is to clog one of those lines and create a backup inside of their home.

Topped Up: Keeping Your Septic Field Healthy

If you're moving into a home that uses a septic tank, you already know you're not supposed to plant trees with aggressive root systems or use the land for a root vegetable patch. But leaving bare ground over such a wide swathe of land isn't exactly helpful -- in fact, it could be destructive and unhealthy. Planting the right types of plants can keep your septic system in better shape both inside and out of the tank.

How To Know If Your Septic Tank Or Line Is In Need Of Repairs

Keeping your septic tank in tip top condition is extremely important, especially if you want to make sure that you and your family always has access to bathroom facilities. To help you be able to spot trouble before the issue gets out of hand, you will want to take a few minutes to review the following signs of trouble. You Hear Some Gurgling Sounds Have you started to hear some sounds coming from your drains that sound like someone gurgling their mouthwash?

Preparing For Large Scale Computer Removal

If you're getting rid of old computers and making way for new systems, you'll need an efficient plan for keeping everything moving without impacting productivity for too long. Technicians need to be able to disconnect, move, then reconnect devices while properly disposing of recycling materials to keep things efficient while avoiding electronic waste (e-waste) fines appearing in some states. Take a look at a few computer removal and replacement planning points to maximize your workforce and your recycling.

4 Fees Associated With Septic Tank Servicing

If you own a septic tank, it will be necessary to have the tank serviced once it becomes full. This typically happens every 2–4 years, depending on how big your family is and what kind of waste everyone puts down the drains. Unfortunately, when the bill for servicing the septic tank comes, it can be an unexpected shock at how much it is, even though you are paying it once every few years.

Dumpster Diving Is Rampant: How To Deter Dumpster Diving On Your Property

If you haven't heard of the word freegan, don't feel bad. It's a relatively new term, but it's use is increasing in popularity. Basically, a freegan is someone who eats free food that someone else has thrown out. To keep their pantries stocked, many freegans practice dumpster diving, which is where you come in. As a business owner, you have to do all you can to prevent someone from getting hurt on your property.

Four Things That You Can Do To Recover Materials From Renovation Projects

If you are a general contractor or builder, renovation projects may be a major part of your business. When doing renovations, there are a lot of materials that you have to deal with. Disposing of waste materials can be an extra cost for your projects. Many of these materials can be valuable resources for your projects and your business. Here are some ideas to help resource recovery for your renovation projects:

Take The Dry Road: What Not To Do When You Have Water Damage

Water damage happens to most homeowners at one time or another. Whether an air conditioner leaks when it hasn't been properly maintained or the basement floods because of a burst pipe, water damage is no joke. It can harm prized possessions and equipment that's necessary for work. Whatever you do, keep the following tips in mind if you are facing any amount of water damage. Never Touch Electronics When you first notice the flood and water damage in your home, your first impulse may be to unplug the electronics.

Caring For Your Septic Tank: What You Need To Know About Pump Outs

Septic systems need regular maintenance to work properly. Without maintenance, your septic system can cause a costly mess. One of the procedures for caring for your septic tank is a pump out. Here are a few things you need to know about septic pump outs. What Is A Septic Pump Out? A septic pump out is the process by which waste is removed from your septic tank. By pumping out the materials in the tank from time to time, you can prevent backups that can bring waste materials into your home and your yard.