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Tips for Preventing a Maggot Invasion in Your Trash Bins

Nobody likes to admit it, but maggots are a common garbage problem in many households. These wiggling, disgusting pests can gross anyone out and make handling trash a real nightmare. If you are constantly battling maggots in you trash cans, you may be able to reduce the problem and hopefully prevent a maggot bonanza in the future by following the tips in this article. 

Getting rid of existing maggots

If your trash cans are already infested with maggots, you can kill them off using a range of effective methods.

Pouring boiling water into your infested trash bins can help kill any leftover maggots after your trash bags are carried away by your trash service. This will also help clean out the can and remove odors that attract flies and maggots. However, be sure to let you garbage cans completely dry out in the sun, as moist conditions are a favorite for maggots. 

Another creative and organic way to get rid of your maggot problem is to sprinkle a handful of diatomaceous earth in your garbage cans and in your trash bags. This dust essentially destroys the protective skin on maggots, causing them to dehydrate and die. Be sure to use a mask while sprinkling the dust, as inhaling it could lead to respiratory problems. 

Keeping maggots at bay

Keeping maggots out of your trash for the short term isn't good enough, as they can repopulate within a few weeks and give you a fresh headache. The key to winning the battle against maggots is to keep odors in your trash cans contained.

Tips for keeping maggots at bay permanently include using thick trash bags that can resist puncturing by bones and other sharp objects. A leaky bag can attract flies and create a comfy home for maggots. Be sure to also use double bagging for extremely smelly food scraps such as fish and meat. Keep your outdoor cans sealed with a lid, and consider investing in a garbage can liner for added protection against flies and other pests. 

Using an anti-fly repellent can also go a long way in fending off maggots. Sprinkle a bit of vinegar on the bottom and rims of your trash cans so as to keep flies off. Mothballs and eucalyptus leaves could also work well to rid your bins of flies. 

Finally, be sure to keep your trash cans clean by washing them regularly with warm, soapy water and vinegar so as to remove gunk and odors. Be sure to hose them down properly and keep them upside down to drip dry.

For more tips about handling trash appropriately, contact a professional such as Powell's  Trash Service