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Staying Safe When Using A Roll Off Container

If you are in need of a roll off container because of a remodeling project you are doing at your home, you will most likely enjoy the convenience it offers in having materials thrown away without the need to transport them to a landfill or recycling center. A roll off container can be rented for the duration of the project, giving your contractors (or yourself) an easy way to dispose of materials not needed any longer. Here are some safety tips to consider when using a roll off container.

Select The Right Location

The placement of the roll off container should be carefully determined before the service arrives with the unit. While you will want it near the work area to easily throw away refuse, you will also want it far enough out of the way so it is not a hazard to small children. Warn children of the risks involved with getting too close to the dumpster so they will be more apt to stay away from it.

Have the service place the dumpster on flat ground so there is no chance of it rolling into a vehicle or off of your property. It is better to place it on an asphalt or cement surface so it does not sink into a muddy ground if it rains or snows. Make sure it is not close to a neighbor's property as they may try sneaking in their own refuse, for which you would be responsible. Keep the dumpster away from your vehicle so you can see when pulling in and out of your driveway without it obstructing the view.

Adhere To Rules

Your dumpster service will provide a list of items that should not be disposed of in the roll off container. It is wise to adhere to these rules as some items could cause a hazard to the workers hauling away the container in addition to being harmful to the environment. Keep chemicals, flammable materials, tires, any type of battery, and other acidic items out of the dumpster. 

Handle With Care

When handling materials to be placed in the dumpster, always wear gloves. This will help protect your skin from any cuts or scrapes when throwing material inside the container. If the dumpster appears full, call the rental service and ask for a pick up instead of trying to squeeze additional items inside. A heavy dumpster will be difficult to be moved and could cause injury to those hauling it. Items could also fall out of the dumpster if there is too much inside, accidentally hitting someone.

Make sure to clean up any spills around the dumpster right away to help reduce the chance of a slip and fall accident in the area. Smoking should not be done anywhere near the dumpster so the chance of a fire inside the unit is eliminated. 

For more information and tips, contact companies that offer roll off dumpster rentals, such as Chitty Garbage Service Inc.