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How To Make Septic Tank Maintenance Easy

The biggest difference between using a city sewer system and a septic tank is that the latter will definitely require maintenance at some point. The reason could be the need to pump the tank, or inspect the distribution box. Not knowing where the service areas of the tank are located can make maintenance difficult for a service technician, and create problems with a septic tank that is not working properly and needs to be fixed in a hurry. Here are 4 ways that you can maintain your home's septic tank.

Install Risers

A septic tank is buried underground, and typically involves partially digging out the soil above the tank to access it for maintenance. If you don't remember exactly where the maintenance area of the tank is located, it will cause a septic tank service technician to probe around your yard for where they can access the tank. This could increase the time that they are at your home, and lead to additional digging costs.

A septic tank riser is like an extension to the maintenance area of the tank, and will extend upwards to the surface area. While you will see the riser from above ground, it will make finding it a breeze when the time comes to have service performed to it.

Use Maintenance Alarms

Old septic tank systems don't have alarms, but you can still have them installed. The main one that you should consider adding will let you know when your septic tank is approaching full capacity. This way you will have plenty of time to get the tank pumped before the sewage starts backing up into your home.

Reuse Gray Water

A problem you can have when using a septic tank is when it overflows with gray water. It's the kind of water that comes from your showers and some of your sinks. The water does not contain any sewage, so there is no need for it to go into the septic tank. A gray water system can let you reuse this water for things like watering your lawn.

Get Regular Inspections

The septic tank may not be broken, but something may still need to be repaired. Consider having annual inspections performed on your septic tank to make sure that everything is in working order. This is extremely important if your home uses water from a well, since a problem with a septic tank can cause ground water contamination.

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