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The Abcs Of Preventing Septic Tank Problems With Small Children In The House

Having a septic tank hidden beneath your home means a little extra attention as a homeowner to keep things flowing well, but if you have a curious youngster in the house, you have an even bigger concern on your hands. The toilet can seem like a magical water portal to a toddler and watching things swoop down the hole can become their favorite hobby if you're not careful. Toys, household objects, and even entire rolls of toilet paper could end up tossed inside by little hands. This can wreak havoc on your septic tank and system without a doubt. There is a simple ABC rule set that you can follow to prevent septic tank problems when you have small children in the house. 

Always install a toilet lock.

Toilet locks are inexpensive, but they will save you a lot of frustration as a parent when you have a child who is enamored with the toilet and its flushing abilities. The typical toilet lock attaches to the rim and snaps in place to hold the lid shut and offers a single one-handed operation that makes the lid easy to release in a hurry. To save your septic tank from being the landing spot for stuffed animals and toys, add a toilet lock to every bathroom. 

Be sure to keep objects in the bathroom properly secured. 

Toddlers are more likely to throw items in the toilet that are easily within reach and they can get quickly without you noticing. For this reason it is a god idea to keep the items in the bathroom up out of reach or properly secured. Don't give them access to full rolls of toilet paper, bars of sap, or even laundry that would be easy for them to grab and try to flush. 

Call a septic tank service if something seems fishy. 

The moment you start to notice that the toilet is acting weird, or even if you suspect that something rather large has been flushed because it is missing, it is a good idea to go ahead and call a septic tank service for advice. If there is something clogging the main septic line, it can create a lot of problems the longer it stays lodged in place. 

Don't assume your child is too little to teach about the septic system. 

Children are often fascinated by the toilet because they just don't understand how it really works. As a parent, it is a good idea to teach your children about how the septic system works and explain to curious minds that things flushed don't just disappear, but actually go to the septic tank. Just be sure to add that even though these items may end up in the septic tank, they are going to be ruined forevermore even if they can be retrieved. To find out more about septic tanks, speak with a business like E & F Septic Tank.