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3 Things That Could Ruin Your Septic System

There are a lot of intricate parts that make your home function properly, including the septic system. This system is designed to pull the waste water from your home and out into the drain field. It is made up of a lot of intricate lines that help move everything along. Oftentimes, people don't realize how simple it is to clog one of those lines and create a backup inside of their home. To help minimize the chances of destroying your septic system, avoid doing the following things.

Using harsh chemicals to clean in your home.

While you might think that using a bunch of ammonia and bleach to clean your home is no big deal, that isn't the case. These harsh chemicals can actually end up destroying all of the good bacteria in your septic system. Your system needs the good bacteria to break down all of the particles inside of your tank. Another thing to consider is that all of those chemicals could end up polluting your groundwater if your tank were ever to overflow and leak into the surrounding field.

Throwing hair down the drains.

Anyone with long hair knows that hair goes everywhere when you brush it. However, you don't want that hair to go down the toilet. Throw the hair into the garbage can. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a big wad of hair clogging your drain lines and preventing anything else from going down. Even small food particles won't be able to make it through the lines because of the hair blocking its path. Before you know it, everything is backing up inside of your home and you have a major problem. Save yourself the hassle and simply throw the hair into the garbage can.

Throwing cooking grease down the drain.

Even though the grease might be a liquid when you throw it down the drain, it isn't going to stay that way forever. That grease will end up forming back into a solid pretty quickly. When that happens, you end up with a huge clog that has to be professionally cleaned to get rid of it. Throw all used cooking grease into a jar and allow it to cool there. Then, you can throw it into the garbage properly.

The only thing you should be putting down the drain is toilet paper and human waste. Everything else has a different place for it that should be used at all times. If you ever have any questions, you can always discuss your concerns with a licensed septic specialist.