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Dumpster Diving Is Rampant: How To Deter Dumpster Diving On Your Property

If you haven't heard of the word freegan, don't feel bad. It's a relatively new term, but it's use is increasing in popularity. Basically, a freegan is someone who eats free food that someone else has thrown out. To keep their pantries stocked, many freegans practice dumpster diving, which is where you come in. As a business owner, you have to do all you can to prevent someone from getting hurt on your property. If you attract a lot of dumpster divers, you run the risk of someone getting hurt while climbing into your dumpster or getting sick by eating food that they've pulled out of it. Following are a few ways you can deter dumpster diving on your property.  

Donate Food

Dumpster divers know where to go to get the best stuff. If you routinely throw out large quantities of unopened food, it will attract freegans. Look for ways that you can avoid throwing out food. One of the best ways to stop throwing food away is to donate it to your local food pantry. If you're worried that some of the food is close to its expiration date, stop worrying. The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act encourages businesses to donate unused food, even food that's ready to expire, and protects them from liability. 

Destroy Merchandise

It's not just food that attracts dumpster divers. Any type of usable merchandise that's placed in a dumpster is free to whoever grabs it first. In most areas, dumpster diving is not illegal. And once you throw something away, it is no longer yours. It is free for the taking. To discourage people from taking items from your dumpster, destroy all the stuff that you put in there. If you shred or break items before you throw them away, they will be less desirable to people. 

Lock Dumpster

You may also want to think about locking up your dumpster when you close down your business for the night. Not only will doing so prevent dumpster diving, it will also prevent people from placing their own trash in your dumpster. Since some items are dangerous or illegal to throw away, it's always a good idea to prevent others from using your dumpster. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can prevent dumpster diving on your property. Avoid throwing out items that may attract dumpster divers and try to lock up your dumpster when it's not in use. For more information, contact a dumpster service like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services.