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Four Things That You Can Do To Recover Materials From Renovation Projects

If you are a general contractor or builder, renovation projects may be a major part of your business. When doing renovations, there are a lot of materials that you have to deal with. Disposing of waste materials can be an extra cost for your projects. Many of these materials can be valuable resources for your projects and your business. Here are some ideas to help resource recovery for your renovation projects:

1. Recycling The Valuable Materials For Cash Recovery

When you are doing renovation projects, there may be a lot of material that needs demolition. This can include materials like drywall, lumber, wiring and plumbing. Many of these materials can be recycled for cash. Organize all the metal materials in plumbing and electrical wiring to recycle and get the cash for your business. You may also be able to recycle concrete materials, brick and tile.

2. Reusing Reclaimed Materials To Reduce Material Costs For Projects

Some of the materials you take out of a renovation project can be reused. When doing the demolition work, try not to damage materials. If you can get drywall off in whole pieces, it can be reused for repairs. You can also reuse materials like lumber, tile and masonry. Organize these materials and store them for reuse. Even if you cannot reuse them on the same project, there may be other projects that you can use them on.

3. Repurposing Construction Waste For Materials And Resources

In addition to reusing the reclaimed materials, you can also use waste materials for different things. You can repurpose materials like scrap lumber for landscaping ground cover. This material can be chipped with a wood chipper and reused. You may also want to consider other things like old lighting and masonry materials to use for different things. For example, if you are doing a water feature, masonry and broken concrete can be used to build rock features.

4. Getting Organized With Containers To Separate And Store Waste Materials

The most important part of recovering your resources is being well-organized. You will want to get containers to deal with all the waste. Roll-off containers of various sizes can help you to keep all the materials organized. For storage, you may want to consider renting a trailer container, which can be moved from project to project.

These are some ideas to help you recover resources for your renovation projects. If you are ready to start a new project, contact a roll-off dumpster service to get dumpsters to start with some of these ideas for your next renovation project.